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Nex Updates & Others
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Nex Updates & Others
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Nex Update!
  • Nex's Shadow Phase glitch patched, will now apply the unguardable damage correctly if the player is standing within melee distance for a period of time
    • The timer was lengthened from > 4 seconds, to > 7 seconds
    • The damage was lowered from up to 300, to up to 185 unguardable damage every second
    • Message stating "The shadows start to consume you!" added indicating when the player is affected by this skill
    • Moving outside of melee range will remove the status applied to any target player
  • Melee aggressivity increased during Shadow Phase
[Image: 2thxeVa.png]

Other Updates:
  • Return statements added to many object handlers to stop the annoying "nothing interesting happens" comment appearing all the time
    • Got a lot of them, but I'm still missing quite a few. Am still trying to get them all catalogued, but I've made a start
  • Bones on altar now only available through Gilded Altars inside player-owned houses
  • Bones on altar no longer taxed
  • Receiving a free bonecrusher is still possible through bones on altar
  • Instanced dynamic regions planned for an immediate future update, so players can enter each other's houses
[Image: AVL3eq2.png]
[Image: neelxm3.png]

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