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[GUIDE] A guide to Pauper's Portals
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[GUIDE] A guide to Pauper's Portals
[This is a Work in Progress]

[Image: 0GaK0xr.png]

This is a short guide about the Portals available at Edgeville, also known as Home. I made this guide for new players who are not as well known with the member's world and its places. I have never played member's content before, so I had my trouble finding the right leveling areas when I started. It also saves you from paying unnecessary taxes.

Gemu has made a Beginner's guide which includes a small explanation about the available teleportation options, but this(my) guide will have a more detailed explanation. 
You can find the Beginner's guide here.

Portal Home
The portal at Home, called "Portal Home", is a indispensable asset to Paupers. It will teleport you to many different locations in the world of Gielinor. The portal is found right outside of the Edgeville Bank(west-side, you can't really miss it)

The portal has 5 categories in which the teleport options are divided:
  • Training
  • Wilderness
  • Minigames
  • Bosses
  • Cities
However using this luxurious portal does come with taxes. The fee differs based on the location, with of course the teleport to the highest level monsters being the most expensive.

[Image: H2TbeTl.png]

Training and Wilderness
I will combine Training and Wilderness as they both have great teleportation options for combat training.

Training is the first of the available options.
The Training category has the following options to teleport to:

Cockroach drones (Level: 8 | Taxes: 150gp)
More info soon.

- Skeletons  (Level: 25 and  45 | Taxes: 350gp)
Skeletons are ideal for Ranged- and Magic-training because there are fences you can stand behind, stand behind these fences and the Skeletons will not be able to attack you.
Skeletons are also ideal for Prayer as they drop Big bones.

Ghosts (Level: 19 | Taxes: 700gp)
More info soon.

Cockroach worker(Level: 56 | Taxes: 1.200gp)
Cockroach workers are good for Ranged- and Magic-training.Try to stay close to the river and the Cockroaches workers will not be able to attack you.

- Asgarnia ice dungeon (Level: 26, 28, 53, 57 and 198 | Taxes: 2.000gp)
Creatures: Pirate 26, Hobgoblin 28Ice Giant 53, Ice Warrior 57 and Skeletal Wyvern 198(needs 72 Slayer).
More info soon.

- Ogre village (Level: 53 | Taxes: 2.500gp)
Walk a bit South and you will find some more Ogres

- Living rock caverns (Level: 120, 140 and 200 | Taxes: 20.000gp)
Creatures: Living rock protector 120Living rock striker 140[b]Living rock [/b]patriarch 200.
When teleported you will arrive in the Dwarven Mines, just click the rope to go down to the Living rock caverns. You can also walk to the entrance of the Dwarven Mines just west from Edgeville if you want to save 20.000gp.

Wilderness is the second of the available options. 
  • Killing creatures in the Wilderness will reward you Pauper Points.
  • Note: You can't teleport above wilderness-level 20!

The Wilderness category has the following options to teleport to:

Hill giants (Level: 28 | Taxes: 1.000gp | Wilderness-level: 9-11)
Hill giants are ideal for Ranged- and Magic-training because there are ore deposits you can stand behind.

- Green dragons (Level: 79 | Taxes: 3.500gp Wilderness-level: 10-14)
Walk a bit north and you will find the Green dragons. Make sure to bring a Anti-dragon shield.
Green dragons are okay for Ranged- and Magic-training because when you keep your distance the Green dragons will not attack you. There is also a safe spot to the west-side of the pit, behind some rocks.

Cockroach soldiers (Level: 18, 2483 and 512 | Taxes: 6.000gp Wilderness-level: 22-30)
Creatures: Zombie 18Zombie 24Cockroach soldier 83 and Leeuni 512.
Walk a bit North and you will find the Cockroach soldiers.
Walk a bit South and you will find Leeuni and Zombies.
Cockroach soldiers are ideal for Ranged- and Magic-training because there is plenty of safe-spots.
Leeuni is a custom mini-boss. More info on Leeuni soon, avoid him for now as he can hit you 500's with an AoE.
Quite an amazing guide thus far, I cannot wait to see it completed Smile

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