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Goals After Eco Reset
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Goals After Eco Reset
Hello boys!

I know we're all kind of just not playing Pauper right now while we wait for the economy reset to happen, since it's most likely gunna happen  Angel But while we wait, we might as well get some conversations going to get some anticipation sparked!

I decided to make this thread now because there have been a few updates to Pauper lately, but Gemu is greddy and won't share the info with us  Angry But that only makes me think he's gunna get updates coming fast again C:

Anyways, what are the goals y'all are gunna go for as soon as the economy is reset?! I'm personally gunna stock up on food, pots, and ammo before anything else tbh  Tongue
Lowkey I'd like to get some Steadfast boots lol Smile
Lol well you said yourself you will need some gears for Glacors, so you need to get that before you can even try!
Quite an old thread but thought I'd share my goals and ambitions with everybody for when the eco reset eventually happens!

Complete a PvM tab - I plan on creating a tab that is fully stocked with complete armour sets of all the PvM items available  (Full Barrows sets, Nex sets, Spirit Shields etc). This is going to be a very long term goal to keep me busy!

Completionist Cape - Like any server I play, I plan on finishing my account to the highest point achievable. The progress has been fantastic so far and I plan on keeping it going! 

Living Pet Set - Similarly to the PvM tab, I plan on working towards completing the available Pet list in-game which will hopefully occur whilst aiming for the PvM tab.

Cosmetic Rare - FashionScape is always a priority wherever I go, and so I hope to achieve a rare reward from the Costume Boxes that I can show off. This will undoubtedly take an incredibly long time and a lot of votes so hopefully it will also draw more attention to the server!

And that's the basics of it, there will be other goals alongside that I aspire to achieve but these are the tasks for the economy reset.
"Eventually, all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know that everything happens for a reason" - Albert Schweitzer 

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