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Discretion is Advised
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Discretion is Advised

As RWT is allowed in Pauper, I must warn the community that you do so at your own risk. However, if undeniable evidence is proposed - we, the staff team, will take action against your offender as far as our jurisdiction goes. Unfortunately, we will not be able to return, or provide thereof, any finances that may have been used. That will have to be taken up with your bank, PayPal, or whichever means used to provide this.

I, personally, will provide middleman services if requested to help further protect these real world trades. Staff members are not obligated to provide these services, I am only doing them out of kindness. It doesn't hurt to ask a staff member, though.

To ensure a completely safe trade, make sure that you record the entire scenario and do not cut anything out of the video. If you are the one making the payment with real-life currency, please take screenshots of your receipt and make sure you save your transaction ID, receipt number, and any other information you can get a hold of.

Do not provide, or show, us any card or account information. Pauper staff will never ask to see it. If your video has any of these details on it, please place black bars over over the information instead of cutting it from the video entirely.

If overwhelming evidence is provided and the offender is caught under Deceptive Trade, their account will be instantly and permanently terminated. Any items or gold spent during the transaction will be returned, but the real-life currency will have to be handled on your end.

Any further questions regarding this can be made in a new thread,
Thank you.

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