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Membership Status
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Membership Status

There's been plenty of questions regarding Membership, and I'd like to come here and tell you all the perks of obtaining a Membership status. First off, Pauper is not a money hungry server - we are not out here trying to collect your wallets. This is why we do not offer any items whatsoever for donations. We never will either, so please don't ask us to. However, in the case of a player wanting to support Pauper financially, we are more than happy to allow them to do so. In fact, we reward any players for their support. We do this in a number of ways, without Membership actually effecting the gameplay on a high-scale effect. Take a look down below:

  • Experience Increased: 30%
    Bonus experience is always nice! Now that you will have bonus experience as long as you have your Membership, you may not feel the need to buy another XP booster. We kept it at 30%, because any higher could make leveling a bit too easy. This is especially concerning for the player-decided experience rates. Pauper was designed to play on the Pauper experience rates, and with two other tiers of experience rates higher than this, we couldn't afford to increase it any more. Gemu, personally, didn't want to add it to begin with!

  • Reduced Taxes: 50%
    With your Membership comes reduced taxes. You only have to pay half of any and all taxes on the server. I know this may seem like Members have a sheer advantage over non-Members of our community, and that's a fair argument! That's why we keep it very, very cheap - just $4/mo, and even less if you buy in increments of 60 days (we will never allow subscription-based payments). That's right, our largest price is not even our best deal. Again, Pauper doesn't want to drain you of your money, we just want this server to pay for itself!

  • Bonus Pauper Points: 15%
    The points only obtainable through quests, killing monsters via wilderness, or killing bosses. These points can get you a wide variety of things like bonecrusher, dungeoneering experience, chaotic weapons, and so-on! With your Membership, you'll gain an extra 15% Pauper Points - a lovely addition! However, Pauper Points obtained through quests are a fixed amount. Membership status will not interfere with the quest rewards.

  • Increased Drops: 3%
    The big whammy. Who doesn't love increased drop rates? We kept it at only 3% because any higher could risk an economic failure, in certain aspects. Especially considering Ring of Wealth works. As a Member, you can get +23% increased on your drops - if you have a Ring of Wealth equipped. The Ring of Wealth can apply up to +20% bonus drop rates, and drop selection rates. Membership hardly effects these rates, but it does give a slight bonus!

  • Username Icon: [Image: sYNe1SI.png]
    This isn't the most important feature we have to offer you, but it's always nice to let the community know you've supported the server. This is just a small cosmetic feature we're happy to give you for the support. This makes the player stand out a bit more, showing off the support they've given towards Pauper. Not the most incentive thing to acquire a Membership status over, but there nonetheless!

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