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Bang Bros: How to Join?
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Bang Bros: How to Join?
[Image: logo.png]
Joining Bang Bros

  • What's Bang Bros?
    Bang Bros is a clan created by [Image: mod.gif]Kush Smoke and I ([Image: admin.gif]Gemu), that basically revolves around PvP. If you're not willing to kill another player... we don't want you, to put it short. You don't necessarily have to be "active" in PvP, but we do want you there to protect fellow clan members, and we do want you there to help fight with the clan. PvP is an actual requirement for this clan, and we will test your abilities to join. Though, we don't need you to actually kill players consistently.
  • What do I need to join?
    At least 99 magic. We require this 99 because many lunar and ancient magic spells require a high magic level. We prefer you be 99 due to the increased rate in which your spells actually apply their given effects on the opponent. For example, a player with 99 magic will freeze an opponent at a higher rate than a player using 94 magic. We also want our members hitting higher than the typical Pauper player.
  • Are we a PvP clan?
    Mostly - but, not necessarily. However, we do require you have 99 magic to join the clan, and we do require you to protect your clansmen when necessary, we don't require you to actively PK. If you don't actually want to be actively participating in this part of the server, you don't have to. But the fact we do require you to protect your clansmen when they need it, is the part where mandatory PvP comes in with this clan.
  • How do I join Bang Bros?
    Talk to either me ([Image: admin.gif]Gemu) or [Image: mod.gif]Kush Smoke - one of us can invite you. If you are not one of these people, or just admin+ of the clan, then you cannot be invited. To put it very shortly:  [Image: admin.gif]Gemu and [Image: mod.gif]Kush Smoke are the only two invitors of the clan.
  • Do I need to share my loot with other clansmen?
    Only, as discussed in the Community Guidelines, if you agreed to share your loot with another player. Please note that Pauper has chat logs that differentiates based on the player's decisions. As mentioned in the beginning paragraph of the Community Guidelines, Pauper has a very established ruling system of which we expect you to abide by. If you don't, you will be most definitely kicked from the clan and/or punished even more thoroughly.
We are also a very cool clan because I am in it C:

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